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On behalf of my mother-in-law, Mary, and her daughter Carrie, Cody, and I, we’d like to thank Nathan for his patience and due diligence and getting this money where it belongs. It will make a difference in her life.
Thank you to the whole Clearway team. Best regards

John W.

Hi Chris! I’m happy that you had success to recover funds in my case. I had a pleasant experience with you and your services. Thank you for offering an additional payment even though nothing more is due from you according to our agreement. Thank you again for your great job!

Rosse Mari M.

I met Chris & Nate after a random phone call describing an opportunity. I was of course skeptical but after meeting and listening to these gentlemen I was convinced that they were true to their word and legit. I recommend that you listen to what they have to say and see for yourself!

Ernie F.

Thank you Nathan for reaching out to us through our father in-law. That was sad times when we lost him. At least something good came out in the end. Thank you again and good luck on claiming the additional moneys.

Timberlee and Chris

Thanks for contacting me regarding money I never thought I could get…
You were very helpful in explaining to me each step so I could understand and it all came true. I am very happy. Thanks so much you’re great!

Kathy B.

Chris and Nate
You have my most sincere gratitude for finding me and providing the opportunity for a recoup that I would have never thought possible. Also much appreciated was your genuine non-B.S. approach. Sum it up with success and “Wow, that was fast” and there’s not much left to say except “Thank you guys.”

Brian G.

I received the Check. I want to thank you and your staff for reaching out to me and convincing me that this was a real thing and not a scam. Thank you again.

Very Respectfully,


Thank you so much for the professional way all this was handled! As with anything such as this there is the possibility for errors to come up and this was all handled very smooth!

David E.

FYI: The gang at Clearway were straight up and true with what they are providing… If you get a chance to deal with them then I say do it… they know my situation and know about the families that will be helped from this gift. Thank you guys and I hope you have a wonderful future in this business.

Don M.

Just want to say thank you to Nathan at Clearway. I was skeptical at first since it sounded too good to be true but have to say that it was all on the up and up. So very glad that I followed up with Nathan. Made a very nice Christmas present to say the least.

Philip R.
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